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Making the finest gourmet ice cream has been a long-time passion for Boston ice-cream pioneer Steve Cirame.  He brought the finest ice cream to Cambridge some 20 years ago, opening the original Christina's in Inman Square. People in and around Boston know their ice cream -- and they lined up nightly to experience his creations.  Steve's Boston Ice Cream Factory store continue and expand his tradition of providing the most delicious gourmet ice cream in a friendly, respectful setting.

He knows fine ice cream and he knows why people love his creations. He makes the best -- everything from creamy Super-Chocolate Chocolate to amazing adult-taste flavors like Ice-Cream Guinness.  Click for flavor list

Boston Ice Cream Factory makes the quality ice cream you deserve, whether it's a cone for one small girl or boy or special-flavors ice cream and ice-cream cakes for a 50-guest party. They're your one-stop shopping solution for birthday parties. You'll find everything you need, from balloons to candles to paper plates and plastic forks. And they accept most major credit cards. 


Gourmet Ice-Cream Cakes

 Celebrate birthday parties, office parties and other special occasion with delicious, custom ice-cream cakes from the Boston Ice Cream Factory. Click here for prices and to see some of the great cake-topping images available to you.

We'll decorate your cake and even transfer your favorite photo into the icing. Or pick from our selection of fun party images for the icing. 

You can also pick up great ice cream -- and all the fixings -- for your special birthday party at home.

We discount to non profits and schools for fund raising click here for more info or
Call Steve Store 617-436-2189
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777a Morrisey Blvd
Dorchester, Boston 

Next to Lambert's Fruit